NovaONE—Independent. Knowledgeable. Involved.

We’re your guide to affordable telecom.

Who we are:
Our mission is simple, to help our clients successfully navigate their telecom options. At NovaONE, we’re knowledgeable about business communications, information technology, and providers, but we’re passionate about getting our clients the best telecom services, products, and pricing.

As a full-service independent business telecom agent, NovaONE specializes in business telecom products, providers, and consulting, including carrier services, data networks, collocation (data networks), disaster planning, and business phone systems. By tapping into our network of all major telecom providers, we find our clients the best fit for effective, affordable business communications.

Forget about talking to vendors to find out about their individual products. We represent them all, giving you an in-depth knowledge of each, which immediately narrows down your choices to the best available fit for your unique communications needs.

What we do:
NovaONE specializes in custom telecom solutions for business clientele of all industries. From manufacturing to healthcare providers, we use our network to implement the most cost-effective data and communications solutions for your business. For our clients to be successful, they must focus on growing and strengthening their business. Even if you’re an IT professional, we can help you be more productive by staying focused on strategy and delivering your services, as opposed to managing and navigating telecom vendors.

How you benefit:
We save our business clients an average of 31% on their voice and data monthly expenses. It’s very common for our clients to receive faster and higher quality voice and data services while realizing a reduction in their monthly service charges. And, there is no obligation and zero risk to you.

How we do it:
NovaONE is made up of former employees of the monolithic telephone companies. We have the “inside knowledge” and know-how to get things done on your behalf. We’re on your side. NovaONE does the heavy lifting to find a customized plan for your firm. Then we serve as a Single Point of Contact throughout your data and phone contracts—without added cost. Pricing through NovaONE is guaranteed not to be more than buying direct. Oftentimes, our rates are even better!

MISSION—Provide experienced, unbiased telecom consulting and independent agent services to help businesses manage telecommunications services and reduce expenses.

PHILOSOPHY—To apply the highest standards of honesty, objectivity, and expertise to complex telecom issues, thereby providing our clients with a unique set of solutions, efficiencies, and proven results.

EXPERIENCE—Our knowledge and vision are unparalleled. NovaONE people have worked for some of the largest telecommunications companies in the country. Whether it’s a telephone bill error or service problem, we know how to quickly resolve the problem.

GOAL—Your bottom line is our number one priority.