Frequently Asked Questions

And helpful answers from NovaONE!

Many prospective clients have similar questions about how NovaONE can help their business. Below you’ll find some of the most common questions and our answers. If you can’t find what you’re looking for, call a friendly NovaONE professional who will explain how our services can assist your business.

Q: What causes billing errors?
A: Tariff changes, accounting/billing software changes, and multiple people managing the ordering process can all affect the total billing.

Q: How can NovaONE save me money?
A: By removing unneeded lines and services, streamlining contracts, and by making certain you are with the best possible provider for your situation. NovaONE has consistently found significant savings, enhanced products, and efficiencies for our clients.

Q: What is your fee for an audit?
A: Our audits are preformed on a contingency basis and offer a no-risk process to identify waste, streamline your services, and reduce monthly expenses. We provide a detailed report of savings options and, upon your approval, we work with the carriers to make all changes. We also verify all changes were completed, and that billing reflects the changes.

Q: We have our own staff, so why outsource?
A: We have found that a business’s IT, telecom, and accounts payable staff rarely time to keep up with an audit schedule. And, more importantly, your staff is often better utilized working on day-to-day business.

Q: We only use AT&T (Quest or Integra), and we believe we’re on their best program. How can NovaONE help us?
A: There are literally thousands of AT&T pricing options. Over the past 3 years, long-distance rates have continued to climb. What was a carrier’s best program last year is now old news in this rapidly changing industry. Tracking all of these options and understanding how they apply to a client’s unique business situation is what NovaONE does best.

Q: Why should we use NovaONE when we have someone on staff that handles this?
A: Keeping up with the consistently changing telecom industry is a full-time job. Often, in-house staff is too busy handling day-to-day operations requests, resulting in a limited amount of time to research and stay informed on new tariff offerings of all the various carriers. NovaONE’s keeps up-to-date on the latest developments in the marketplace, which allows us to help our clients achieve the best possible use and performance from their carrier contracts and telecommunications systems.

Q: We are in a contract and locked in until it’s over; what can NovaONE do to help us?
A: Many businesses today are under some type of telecommunications contract, whether it be for local, long-distance, toll-free, or data communication service. NovaONE benchmarks, then pinpoints areas for improvement when reviewing existing carrier contracts, which often results in improved carrier services and significant savings.

Q: What if our existing carriers are unwilling to move us to a better plan?
A: NovaONE represent many different well-known voice and data carriers. If we can’t get you better rates with your current carriers, we’ll facilitate a move to carriers better suited to manage your telecom service.

Q: What is unique about NovaONE?
A: In many situations, costs can be minimized by more effectively utilizing the telecommunications systems a business already has in place. By analyzing all of the contracted services and hardware used by your business, NovaONE can identify areas that can offer the greatest efficiency and improvement.

Q: What about the service providers?
A: These individuals are typically paid on a commission basis. Further, most carriers review just rate plans for like services they offer. NovaONE reviews how ALL available carrier services relate and how they can enhance business functions. This leads to a complete review and generates recommendations that benefit you.

Q: Which service providers does NovaONE represent?
A: Charter Business, XO Communications, Paetech, AT&T, TDS, Quest, Integra, Verizon, and US Signal. Because we have no vested interest in the solutions we recommend, we can provide alternatives that are truly the right decisions for you.