Small and medium-sized businesses are leading the charge to Cloud Computing, utilizing a combination of applications and infrastructure. NovaOne Networks specializes in helping SMBs evaluate Cloud options for applications such as email, document collaboration, accounting, CRM, backup storage, and more. We help our clients understand the upside and downside of Cloud and develop a Cloud strategy specific to your current and future needs. And, most importantly, NovaONE will guide you through the acquisition and provide ongoing, go-to support.

When it comes to cloud you have to know more than what the carriers in your area offer. After all, it’s the cloud, so geography is less important. And, most cloud innovation isn’t coming from the carrier; very specialized data center companies are delivering it.

NovaONE has relationships and knowledge of most cloud providers, including the regional players. When looking for cloud services you really need to know who to go to for different specialties. NovaONE can get you there.