Voice remains the core communications platform for businesses and their customers, but Internet connectivity is undoubtedly the preferred method for business systems and interaction. Plus, primary and secondary communication and integration is becoming prevalent over an Internet connection.

The need for speed is increasing in all industry and, in some cases, critical to the success of your business. However, in many cases businesses are over subscribed (or under subscribed). Selecting the “right” Internet platform, which serves your business applications best, can provide efficiencies, the right bandwidth for the job, and the right price.

NovaONE can provide you with multiple carrier options for each Internet connection option. Remember, not every network is equal. One carrier’s DSL may be different than another, just as 100 Mbps of fiber connectivity from one carrier is sure to preform differently than 100 Mbps of fiber from another. NovaONE has the knowledge and expertise to inform, educate, and recommend the best solution for your need and budget.

There are many choices and considerations in Internet connections. Within are descriptions of some commonly used business Internet connections.