Signature Services

Whenever the time comes to implement a new phone system, you will be challenged with the question, “Do I buy a hosted or premise based system?” And believe me, this isn’t easy to answer. Of course, the age-old theory of “I own a premise based system after a period of time” is still in play, but it’s not necessarily the correct answer.

The answer actually resides in the functionality required, lifespan of the systems required, need for innovation to differentiate your organization, cash flow, and total cost of ownership. NovaONE specializes in analyzing the aforementioned and providing an in-depth review of the benefits and restrictions of both.

Every organization is different, and as such, no single solution is right for everyone. Therefore, it is important to consider what your piers are implementing. What’s of greater importance is gaining a complete understanding of what’s available and how it fits your unique circumstances to make the best choice for your company now and into the future.