Selecting the right telecom provider and navigating the world of cloud computing can be daunting — especially if you’re not entirely sure what capabilities your business needs. Enter NovaONE: your “connection” to VOIP, Fiber, Internet and Cloud Computing services.  NovaONE has an A+ rating with the BBB and will get you the best price, guaranteed. NovaONE is powered by decades of experience, in-depth knowledge of products and service providers, and passionate employees with a heart for small and medium-size business IT services.

The Culture of NovaONE

NovaONE’s mission is to help clients successfully navigate their telecom computing technology and provide them with the best services, products, and pricing. We aren’t salespeople with quotas. We strive to understand your business, budget, and requirements. 

NovaONE serves clientele from all industries, from manufacturing to healthcare providers and even IT professionals. All have one thing in common — allowing us to manage their search for the right telecom, cloud computing, and IT needs allows them to stay focused on their business.

For Tech Capabilities Your Business Needs

There’s nothing worse than feeling behind on the times. Whether you’re confident and tech-savvy or you need more support, NovaONE is there every step of the way.

As an independent technology agency, NovaONE specializes in business telecom and cable services, providers, and consulting, including carrier services, data networks, colocation (data networks), disaster planning, and VOIP business phone systems. We also partner with highly vetted cloud computing solutions providers to bring your data network to a virtual, secure environment.

What You’ll Learn Along the Way

Forget about those intimidating discussions with providers about services they often don’t help you understand. Not to mention, NovaONE will ensure you’re getting the best price, every time. We represent all of the biggest names for the best coverage and then provide our analysis and recommendations unique to your business. This insight allows you to narrow down your options and get to a solution fast, without compromising productivity.

So, we say you’ll learn a lot, but how exactly does our process work?

  • We offer free audits of your telecom and IT services
  • Then, we’ll schedule an informational workshop, either on-site or remote
  • Gathering this insight, we’ll review your options and account for customizations
  • From there, we’ll present our detailed pricing breakdown for each option

The Money You’ll Save

NovaONE saves our business clients an average of 31% on their voice and data monthly expenses. We truly understand the ins and outs of small business IT services so we can connect you to the highest qualitysolutions in a more affordable way than ever before. Our efficient process allows you to spend less time searching for telecom and data services and more time enjoying the benefits of your new solutions. After all, your bottom line is our number one priority.

The Peace of Mind

By tapping into NovaONE’s network of all major telecom providers, we find our clients the best fit for effective, affordable business communications and IT services.  

NovaONE’s employees have worked for some of the biggest telecom providers in the country and have experience resolving communication and IT issues both large and small. Worrying about your business IT services will be a thing of the past because you’ll have NovaONE on your side. You can be assured you are receiving the best possible price, guaranteed!

If you’re ready to get started, you can schedule a free consultation here.

Looking for some advice?

Schedule a FREE consultation with us! We can give you a customized analysis of your needs and get our expert recommendations. We will work with your schedule and can meet you in person. Not in the area? We're happy to discuss your options over the phone!

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