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Providing “Gigabit Fiber” to your tenants is now an easy, affordable, and revenue-generating way to provide Internet access to apartment & condo complexes. When the service is deployed correctly, the benefits include profits, resident savings & attraction, brand recognition, loyalty, retention, and new marketing capabilities for your complex.  Not mention a far superior service than the phone and cable companies offer.


  • Understand your complex, residents, requirements, and budget
  • Conduct a free building & end user "needs analysis"
  • Schedule an informational workshop (on-site or remote)
  • Review best internet infrastructure and options
  • Present detailed pricing breakdown for each option


  • Fiduciary Duty - NovaONE operates with an inherent responsibility to act in your best interest
  • Independent honest/reliable advice at no cost to you
  • We are NOT sales people with quotas
  • We’ll take the time to learn & understand your properties
  • We’re invested in your property's long-term success & your ally.
  • Ensure the Right Internet Service at the GUARANTEED BEST PRICE!

Fast, reliable, high-speed Internet is the #1 service demanded by tenants.  NovaONE Networks offers every type of internet option from every major carrier in the country.  And, you will receive a better cost structure than what you can get directly from the carrier.  We cover all of your bases regardless of location.  No single service or technology is best for every apartment & condo complex. That’s why we handpick the best solutions and walk you through the pros and cons of each, so you can decide what’s best for your complex based on budget and resident needs.

WIN-WIN (Property Owners & Tenants)


-  Attract & Retain more Residents
-  Increase Revenue & Profits per Unit
-  Complete Turn-Key Solutions
-  Reduce or even eliminate Phone or Cable Techs going into Resident units or building


-  Faster & Superior service compared to  Phone & Cable Company Internet Service
-  Residents save money
-  No waiting for Phone & Cable company Techs

NovaONE is your ally for making difficult & sensitive decisions related to Technology procurement. We provide independent & objective analysis at no cost to our clients, ensuring the right decisions & receiving the GUARANTEED BEST PRICE!

About us

NovaONE provides multi-tenant with Fiber Connectivity options across the country from highly vetted providers & partners.

We guarantee to operate with a Fiduciary Duty and as your ally. We do NOT have quotas & will always provide you honest independent advice along with the lowest available price... Guaranteed!

It’s essential to choose the right vendor(s) from the start! That's our core competency and at no cost to you!

Call to learn more on how we can help your Property, Residents, & Bottom Line.


Fiber Internet is now an affordable and revenue generating way to provide Internet access to Multi-Tenant complexes. When the service is delivered correctly, the benefits include profits, tenant attraction, brand recognition, loyalty, retention, and new marketing capabilities. Properties can go complete fiber for their telecommunications needs. Additionally, fiber creates an infrastructure which is “future ready” and allows for a whole new realm of ancillary add-ons.

IT'S A WIN-WIN? (Property Owners & Residents)

This question is rather easy to answer for residents. They want the fastest, most reliable speeds available.  Fiber provides this. Further, they are sick and tired of antiquated DSL and cable Internet options. If you are an apartment owner, it boils down to 3 things:

1) PROFITS (Recurring and Intrinsic)

Fiber and other high-end Internet services, offer the real possibility of monthly recurring profits that can be entered into your balance sheet as “Internet Income.” Selling high quality Internet services to your residents who are already using (and paying someone else for) is a simple idea, made possible when your property has a fiber optic network deployed.

Intrinsically, a “Fiber to the Home Council Study” shows that apartments see an 8% increase in rental income when providing competitive broadband options, such as fiber, to your residents. “Another study found that gigabit fiber connections can push rent profits even higher, up to 11%”. It’s also likely that increased occupancy from attraction, appeal, satisfaction, loyalty, and retention will increase your bottom-line year after year for the foreseeable future.


The words “Gigabit Fiber” have a certain appeal and attraction to them. Millennials and remote workers know that these words offer a whole new world of possibilities. High-speed Internet is the #1 apartment feature demanded in the multi-family industry. This means having the very best in Internet services, like Gigabit Fiber, will attract even more new residents.

3) DEMAND (Setting Your Property Apart)

Setting your property apart with Gigabit Fiber would be easy since most multi-tenant complexes don’t have these services yet. That will change in short order, but for the time being, this means early adopters will feel a windfall of attraction when they add the service. Adding cosmetic and amenity upgrades are done all the time. Making necessary improvements to your property, as well as adding Gigabit Fiber, can create a multiplier effect adding value to the property and thus higher rent amounts. The resident demand for these services is here to stay.

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