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The “Cloud” is more than a buzzword…it’s an epic shift to technology capital cost reduction & business efficiency. NovaONE’s core focus is procuring & assisting organizations to transition their IT legacy systems to the Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud environment.

Our Process is Simple

  • Understand your business, requirements, and budget
  • Conduct a free audit of your IT services inventory (optional)
  • Schedule an informational workshop (on-site or remote)
  • Review the best platform and custom design options
  • Present a detailed pricing breakdown for each option


  • Fiduciary Duty - NovaONE operates with an inherent responsibility to act in your best interest
  • Independent honest/reliable advice at no cost to you
  • We are NOT salespeople with quotas
  • We’ll take the time to learn & understand your organization
  • We’re invested in your organizations long-term success & your ally...not the providers
  • Ensure the Right Cloud Provider(s) at the GUARANTEED BEST PRICE!

Cloud migration is a highly complex and a mission-critical undertaking that often leaves in-house "Information Technology" teams overwhelmed and understaffed. Does your IT team have experience of successful hands-on cloud deployment? Will they systematically analyze every aspect of your cloud infrastructure to avoid wasted dollars?


  • Eliminate or Reduce CAPEX significantly
  • Improve cybersecurity with the top technology & people in the industry
  • Achieve greater economies of scale
  • Enhance mobilization of workforce
  • Minimize software license requirements
  • Increase flexibility and reactivity
  • Reduce training and learning curves
  • Achieve better visibility company-wide
  • Streamline business processes

NovaONE is your ally for making difficult & sensitive decisions related to Technology procurement. We provide independent & objective analysis at no cost to our clients, ensuring the right decisions & receiving the GUARANTEED BEST PRICE!

About us

NovaONE provides organizations with Cloud Computing Solutions from highly vetted providers.
We guarantee to operate with a Fiduciary Duty and as your ally. We do NOT have quotas & will always provide you honest independent advice along with the lowest available price...Guaranteed!


Reduce IT complexity, obsolescence, and capital costs by moving your IT infrastructure (servers, desktops, etc.) to a virtual environment. Virtualizing your collocation, disaster recovery, and storage infrastructure in public, private or hybrid Clouds can make organizations more manageable, secure, and scalable at a much lower cost.  Our flexible solutions makes onboarding your organization easy—with results in days.


No service is perhaps more synonymous with ‘The Cloud’ than Infrastructure as a Service. For many organizations migrating their servers and data centers is a great first step into the cloud with goals of greater scalability and agility, improved uptime, disaster avoidance and recovery, greater security and compliance.


While the topic of security can be daunting to even the most seasoned IT professionals, it doesn’t have to be. If done right, hybrid and multi-cloud corporate security policies can be easily implemented that can manage all corporate IT assets, whether on-premise or in the cloud.  SECaaS includes network security, web security, email security, gateway security services and more. Address your organization's vulnerabilities and fill in any gaps with a full or partial SECaaS portfolio. 


Hackers, cyber-terrorists, natural disasters, and manmade disasters are no match for the Cloud. Consolidate your hardware infrastructure or become completely hardware independent with virtual disaster recovery and business continuity solution.


Embrace a mobile workstyle by utilizing the Cloud to access business applications and desktops on any device and in any location. DaaS eliminates the need for software maintenance and makes purchasing and managing workstations simple and fast. No need to manage servers or hardware, and obsolescence becomes a thing of the past in the right DaaS ecosystem.


Focus your time and budget on IT strategy by migrating your more tactical IT responsibilities to the Cloud. ITaaS means your helpdesk, security, software updates, mobile device management, monitoring and management can all be managed by trained specialists in the Cloud. ITaaS reduces CapEx, puts transparency around your financials and ensures predictability around cash flow.


The Data Center is an area where businesses have seen the true value of “selective outsourcing” for quite some time. Colocation Services enable our customers to leverage their resources at numerous World Class Network and Security Operations Centers to host their organizations servers.

Looking for some advice?

Schedule a FREE consultation with us! We can give you a customized analysis of your needs and get our expert recommendations. We will work with your schedule and can meet you in person. Not in the area? We're happy to discuss your options over the phone!

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